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Let’s plan happy seasonal trip in ASEAN

    Let’s plan happy seasonal trip in ASEAN

    There are many attractions in ASEAN countries, and also a climate that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Some places have the best range to visit, but some places are the best in all seasons. Anyway, let’s see those places and plan for your trip!


    The winter of ASEAN countries are just cool, not very cold. In winter, most of popular attractions will be high mountains or beautiful mountain.

    Thailand Trip mountian

    Trip to Thailand , Thailand Chiang Dao Trip

    Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Thailand Trip

    You should visit the sunset at Doi Luang Chiang Dao once in your life. Because of difficult transportations, walking around 6 kilometers to go there, the nature of Doi Luang Chiang Dao is still perfect, so the atmosphere of the sunset is beautiful. This best trip to thailand.

    Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia

    Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia, popular place for those who need a challenge and experienced climbers. Due to Mount Rinjani is so high, visitors have to be careful.   There are many activities for nature lovers, such as hiking, camping and nature photography.

    Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia. This mountain is the ideal of nature attraction and World Heritage Site certified by UNESCO. Visitors can hike or walking to see the nature, because there are more than 5,000 natural vegetation which are beautiful and amazing.


    In summer, visitors may think about relaxing season, so the attraction of summer is the places as below.

    Boracay Island, Philippines

    Boracay Island is one of the most beautiful island in Philippines. There is a white sand beach 4 kilometers long and clear blue sea. There are Bula Beach for marine activities and Puka Beach for who love private beach. Boracay Island is the ideal island for the sea lover.

    Songkran’s Festival, Thailand

    Songkran’s Festival will be held in the middle of April annually. People will go out for splashing water for fun. The most attraction in this festival are Bangkok, Chiangmai and Chonburi (Pattaya and Bangsean).This nice thailand trip.

    Bali Island, Indonesia

    In fact, Bali Island is the place which we can go all of year, but in May, Jun and October is ideal period for the climber, the diver and people who love marine activities. This period is not high season, so visitors have no tourist boom trouble, can spend time as private area. Payment also is not expensive as high season.


    Rainy season

    The waterfall is so beautiful in this season. Visitors who love nature attraction will be happy to go each place as below.

    Thailand Trip Beach

    Thailand Trip Beach

    Asean Travel , Boracay Island

    Asean Trip To Thailand Songkran

    Asean Trip to thailand songkran

    Asean Travel , Songkran’s Festival : Thailand Trip

    Vang Vieng, Laos

    Vang Vieng is a Hot Attraction in Vientiane Province, Laos. This place looks like simple but funny place. Besides beautiful view and life style of Lao people which shows their culture, Vang Vieng has “Blue Lagoon”, where is a natural pool with crystal clear blue water. You can see what are under water so clearly. Visitors love to jump in the pool. It sounds fun.

    Sa Pa, Vietnam

    Sa Pa is located in the north of Vietnam, close to border of Vietnam and China. In the past, Sa Pa was a resort city of the French nobleman, so the architectural style of the house has traces of European art, you will see.

    The highlight of Sa Pa is the rice terrace. The beautiful scenery of rice terrace is a highlight that attracts many visitors. Especially, in rainy season, the rice terrace shows green as a large carpet.

    Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    The greatness and beauty of Angkor give a phrase that foreigners are familiar with, “See Angkor Wat and Die”. Due to Angkor Wat is quite cool in the rainy season and not dusty, so we should go there in this period. In case you visit Angkor Wat in the rainy season, besides the architecture, there is a lot of greenery.


    If you would like to come to ASEAN, you can go at any time, but if you can go the right place in the right time, it helps you to make a special experience. Let’s plan and enjoy your trip!

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