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Top 10 Thailand Journey and ASEAN attractions, the heaven of Backpackers

    Top 10 Thailand Journey and ASEAN attractions

    Backpacking tourism is one of the dreaming tourism of many people. This kind of tourism has been easy and safe money including also be ventured than reserved hotels and traveling as before. As a result of backpacking, the main concerned is saving cost and taking new venture. Today, we are going to know the places for backpacking in ASEAN.

    Thailand Journey

    Thailand Journey

    Vang Vieng

    Vang Vieng,  one go the hottest attractions in Laos: In Vang Vieng, you would see the panorama green sight seeing as mixtures of forest and fields including step garden of villagers around there. It feels like taking a rest in rural area. Moreover, to travel Vang Vienna has no need to spend a lot of money, it’s cost just hundred Baht.

    Tonlé Sap

    Tonlé Sap, Cambodia : It is the large lake as being as the heart of Cambodia. If you visit the Tonlé Sap, you would see amazing sight seeing as widely lake and experiencing on villager’s lifestyle living with lake area.

    Thailand Journey ,Thailand Travel


    Barayn, Siemreab city of Cambodia, This is the ancient reservoir which was built in the period of the second King U-thai Thidtaya of ancient Khmer Kingdom. Nowadays, this reservoir still has full of water. Moreover, in the middle of Barayn reservoir, there is Prasat Mebon which was built in the same period. If you visit in evening, you might see the wonderful sunset.

    Hua Hin

    Hua Hin, Prachuab Prachuap Khiri Khan Province in Thailand, there is one of the top attractions nearby Bangkok city transporting about 2-3 hours. This district has full of attractions such as mountains, waterfalls or nice beach. Hua his district has been peaceful environment and also have beautiful house which nowadays, it has been renovated to be restaurants or hotels. This style could remind us to the old style.

    Thailand Journey , Siemreab city of Cambodia


    Penang, the ancient city in Malaysia: The uniqueness of this place is low cast and various food style with the slow life tourism.


    Hanoi, Vietnam : Hanoi used to be the capital of Vietnam. The uniqueness of this city of slow life style as same as Penang. Moreover, the cost spending is very cheap for just thousand Baht.


    Vientiane, the capital city of Laos: Visiting Vientiane, you would experience on the real slow life style tourism. It has been similar to North Eastern Part of Thailand -except temple and food- which make you feels like home, Thailand.

    Thailand Journey

    Lam Phrabang

    Lam Phrabang provinces of Thailand:  This place has to transport far away from Bangkok. However, it has been recommend backpacker to visit. You would experience with top of the mountain view and panorama ocean sight seeing. Again, in Lam Pang city, you could visit the old town with old Thai style houses. In other words, Lampang is the places mixing nature and culture of Northern Part of Thailand.

    Sang Khla Buri

    Sang Khla Buri, Kanchanaburi, Thailand: This place is very interesting for backpacker. To visit Kanchanaburi, you would see the incredibly natural places like mountains, waterfalls and also experiencing with Thai-Mon lifestyle and culture by spending just less than 1,000 Baht

    Surely that, Backapackers would loves these ASEAN attractions because, it comprises with Backpacking tourism style. These natural and cultural attractions -of any countries- would impress you with those incredible experiences.

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