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Things you should know, before traveling ASEAN

    Things you should know, before traveling ASEAN

    For tourist who are seeking for nice places to go, you might sometimes think about Europe, United States, Canada or Scandinavian countries. Even these countries has been much beautiful, though it has been high cost of living, as well. For people who are looking for places to go, ASEAN is one of the best choices which has been much of attractions and also low cost of living. You could find an incredible sight seeing and unique attractions with low cost to pay.

    You should be prepared for your trip

    However, even, these countries has been nearby our country, though they have been different language, culture, currency and also territorial control. Thus, before traveling to these countries, you should be prepared for your trip in order to prevent from some problems that might worsen your planning by these following things.

    Before visiting these countries

    Before visiting these countries, you should exchange money by their currency or mutual currency which could be used in every countries. For instance, if you are going to Laos, you have to exchange Lao Kip. Again, if you are going to Cambodia, you have to exchange Cambodian Riel. For more convenient, you might exchange some U.S. dollars because, it could be used in every countries. In fact, some people might know that Thai currency could be used in some ASEAN countries. Though, to exchange money, it would be more convenient to spend and change due to, those countries have no Thai Baht to changes which might also lead to be confused. Therefore, to be prepared exchange money would be helpful and convenience to spend.

    Informations about culture

    Some ASEAN countries has much vastly unfamiliar culture that you should be prepared some informations about their culture. For instance, in Brunei, people do not wear the yellow shirts due to the yellow color belongs to the King or even, Do not talk about political issues with unfamiliar people. Therefore, sometimes, getting to know before could prevent you to go against their traditions.

    The traffic rules

    The traffic has also been one of significant things. Some countries has been different driving rules such as Laos and Cambodia keeping right lane. The traffic rules are very important because, when you driving against the law, you might be and accidents or reported.


    These are three things should know before visiting ASEAN countries, if you already prepared…Let’s go

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