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Top sport tourism attractions in ASEAN

    Top sport tourism attractions in ASEAN

    Nowadays, health care trending, Sport tourism became more and more popular. Because, it has been kind of killing two birds with one stone which are both traveling and sporting. Today, we provide you an ASEAN sport tourism attractions.

    Phu Chee dao

    Phu Chee dao, Chiang Rai provinces of Thailand: Most people might not have heard about this place which is one of the best sport tourism attractions. The uniqueness of this place is the natural richness that you could experience with perfect forest. Moreover, to transport to Phu Chee Dao has been so difficult that is enjoyable exercising.

    Kinabalu mountain

    Kinabalu mountain, Indonesia: This place has been known as the highest mountain in Indonesia which sometimes has been negative temperature. As a highest mountain, to railway up to this place has been very difficult which is so suitable for sport tourism.


    Kintamani, the famous mountain in Indonesia: This mountain surrounded by lake with wonderful sight seeing which is appropriate for photographs. In additions, walking up to this mountain has not taken much far which you could exercise, comfortably.

    Bukjakaya mountain

    Bukjakaya mountain, Indonesia: This mountain is located in Papua Newguinee. This mountain has been beautiful shape, nice sight seeing. However, to transport to this place, the road and commute ways is so difficult that is suitable for whoever loves the adventure tourism. Surely that, if you went to this place, you would be stronger, obviously.

    Mount Meru

    Mount Meru, Indonesia: This is one of the nicest mountain. This place has been significant valuable for hinduism in Indonesia. To exercise in this place, you just climb up to the top sight seeing which could make you feel exhausted, and burning calories.

    Mount Ar-kung

    Mount Ar-kung, the highest mount in Bali: This mount has been covered by clouds -looking from beneath- To transport to this mount, It takes only about 6 hours. For whoever needs to take the venture, this place would not disappoint. But, do not forget to be prepared your body.

    These six places is one of the best sport tourism which whoever loves adventure activities and health caring. There is only one rules which is prepared your body and all sport equipments

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